Another way to use simulator to help patient and family

Experience Pregnancy With the Mommy Tummy 8.0 Simulator

WHO | World Alliance for Patient Safety

Global efforts to improve patient safety. 

WHO | World Alliance for Patient Safety

Scariest Hospital Risks

How much medical simulation can do to help lower those Scariest Hospiital Risks?

Public awareness of patient safety

Patient safety issue appeared on recent 60-Minutes story of Dennis Quaid family. Also see the WSJ.

What patients talk about their own experience of the disase?

Check out the new website. patientslikeme . Also the WHOISSICK. This will give you some ideas how patient report their own diseases.  What this impact on physician’s practices is not known yet?

When you talked about patient safety and quality, beyond the team approach from care providers (MD, RN, RT, etc. ), how to let patient involve the discussion is critical to address patients centered care from IOM prospecitve.  AHRQ is also taking actions to address this issue.

SICU Critical Care Safety Study

Checklist in Healthcare

Does checklist help health care providers or not during their practices? Please see three parts blogs from Charles D. Baker (President and CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.).

Also read (January 15, 2008)OHRP Statement Regarding The New York Times Op-Ed Entitled “A Lifesaving Checklist”

The checklist also make sense to business.

Fatal Airline Accidents Drop in Twenty Years

Since a 1997 goal to reduce the rate of airline accidents by 80 percent, fatal accidents have fallen. Fetal Airplant Crashes Drop 65%. See the New York Times Report.

Learn What Doctors can learn from Pilots about Safety.

“Doctors, You Can Learn a Whole Lot From a Dummy” by Washington Post

Doctors, You Can Learn a Whole Lot From a Dummy.

See the related study from Chest.

The key is multiple experiences for trainees rather just one time exposure at simulation center.

Study is needed to justify the cost and resources associate with simulation training.

Taking the Pulse of Health Care Systems: Experiences of Patients with Health Problems in Six Countries


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