Bedside Ultrasonography, Central Line Placement

Another tutorial about ultrasound guided central line placement

Bedside Ultrasonography, Central Line Placement: Overview – eMedicine Clinical Procedures

PocketSnips – Central Line Insertion

Another video clip of central line insertion on mannequin. 

PocketSnips – Central Line Insertion

Ultrasound Guided Internal Jugular Access

Simulation training for Ultrasound guided Internal Jugular Access have been introduced recently. American College of Emergency Physicians and American College of Surgeon have policy statements regarding the ultrasound application for their own practices. Last year paper published by Chest suggests an standard approach for training and practice. This could be a good guideline to develop simulation based training program. This also bring a another question, how to coordinate the simulation training with clinical training/practice.

Central Line Procedure Education Video

NEJM has high-quality professional videos for
Central Venous Catheterization – IJ vein
Central Venous Catheterization – Subclavian Vein

Other video tutorials including:

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