Simulation to Enhance Patient Safety: Why Aren’t We There Yet? #ptsafety

Drs. Aggarwal and Darzi asked this question in their recent Patient Safety Forum in CHEST.   They suggest ” collaborative efforts are required from academics, physicians, managers, and policy makers alike. Bringing these groups together, while a challenge, can lead to high-level outputs in medical care, which will benefit all.”   Please also see the editorial comment.

Another way to use simulator to help patient and family

Experience Pregnancy With the Mommy Tummy 8.0 Simulator

N.Y. may ban germy doctor ties, lab coats to improve #ptsafety

N.Y. may ban germy doctor ties, lab coats.  You can find details of Deadly Ties and the Rise of Multi-Drug Resistant Infections: A Case For a New Health Care Practitioner Hygienic Dress Code. from NY State Senator Klein website.



What is the north star of medical simulation? Transforming healthcare: a safety imperative — Leape et al. 18 (6): 424 — BMJ Quality and Safety

What is the north star of medical simulation?

Read what patient safety leaders perspective about patient safety:

“The principal conclusion of the To Err Is Human report is  that the major cause of adverse events is poorly designed systems, not negligent individual performance. The implication is that physicians, managers, nurses and others should work together in teams to redesign flawed processes to prevent harm. One reason this has not happened faster is that physicians have not been educated to carry out this critically important work.”

This is one of five transforming concepts from The Lucian Leape Institute, established by the US NationalPatient Safety Foundation to provide vision and strategicdirection for the patient safety work.

  • Transparency
  • Integrated care platform
  • Consumer engagement
  • Joy and meaning in work
  • Medical education reform

Transforming healthcare: a safety imperative — Leape et al. 18 (6): 424 — BMJ Quality and Safety

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” – Lord Kelvin

From WSJ,  The Doctor Will See You Eventually

Providers are starting to look what can improve the process in order to make the whole office visit experience better for patient and also for providers. Here are waiting time mentioned at WSJ this week.

  • Hospital emergency room: 4 hours, 7 minutes
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles: 42 minutes, 32 seconds
  • Main security line at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport during Monday morning rush: 25 minutes
  • McDonald’s drive-through window: 2 minutes, 54 seconds

It is not easy to make people agree that quality of care (multidimensional metrics) have three types of measures “ structure, process and outcomes” purposed by Avedis Donabedian first in 1966.  Same day WSJ also mentioned Medicare Faulted on Surgery EvaluationAlthough the Archives of Surgery paper mentioned in the article didn’t showing the link between process compliance and patient outcome, but both outcome and processes are important quality metrics to measure healthcare care delivery and quality.  This concept has been published in the same journal back to 2004. Systems Approaches to Surgical Quality and Safety. More research studies need to be done to understand what the relationship between patient outcome and care process beyond patient risk factors.  

Health Care Tips and Advice: Practicing Patience at the Doctors’ Office –

What is the potential of modeing and simulation in healthcare?

There are two stories today about simulation in the news.  One from BBC about how the chance affect perceived effectiveness of clinical outcomes.  The other one is about Bank Stress Test in Europe.  Both illustrate how simulation can help provide quantitative and objective analysis, prediction for informed decision making.  Health-care industry need to learn a lot from other disciplines (engineering, management, business, information technology. etc.) in order to improve patient safety. Modeling and Simulation is critical catalyst to advance the science of healthcare delivery and provide patient the good value—high-quality health care (good outcomes, safe care, and great service) at a reasonable price.

YouTube – Use the placebo effect in a good way

YouTube – The placebo effect

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