Medical Simulation 2.0 to improve #ptsafety

Just finished great annual conference  Mayo Clinic Conference on Systems Engineering and Operations Research in Health Care. Presented at tutorial titled ” Simulation and Modeling Application in ICU System Operational Analysis: Case Study of Sepsis Resuscitation.  As always, I enjoyed a lot from networking with old friends and new friends. Listened  a lot from many experts about  how to utilize SE/OR to further improve healthcare quality and safety.  Had good chat with Dr. William Pierskalla about SE/OR,  with Dr.Albert G. Mulley, Jr. from Dartmouth about healthcare  delivery and Dr. David Lane from LSE about system dynamics.  There are lots of we can learn from this community to apply modeling and simulation in healthcare for system integration. That is why I call “medical simulation 2.0 ”   You can find more about this event from Facebook and Twitter.  Hope see you again next year !


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  1. […] is the next phase of medical simulation (2.0) for patient safety and quality care.  Modeling and Simulation is one of the most important tools […]

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