Ready to start #imsh2011 this week

I am ready for tomorrow’s trip to New Orleans for IMSH 2011.  First two days will attend SSH Research Consensus Summit meeting for the future simulation research agenda. I think there will be a lots of talking about recent AHRQ grant for simulation research. There are two major applications of simulation in healthcare.

  • The principal advantage of simulation is that it provides a safe environment for health care practitioners to acquire valuable experience without putting patients at risk.
  • Simulation also can be used as a test-bed to improve clinical processes and to identify failure modes or other areas of concern in new procedures and technologies that might otherwise be unanticipated and serve as threats to patient safety.

I am more interesting about the second topic, which is most work I have done.  Our poster will be present on Tuesday morning Session A (#100)

I will also present a topic of Social Networking tools on Wednesday 8:00 Session #335.  Before the meeting, a facebook page is also created for this session. We will also using #imsh2011 as hashtag at Twitter.  Looking forward to meeting you all in person at New Orleans.

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