What has the Gates Foundation done for global health? : The Lancet

GF direction is not different compare to overall direction of government funded projects.  The comments from Lancet papers is well taken.  But the report from consumer group showing  little has been done to fix the problem of preventable medical errors that kill nearly 98,000 people in the United States each year.  No data have been showing the patten globally. I will not surprise it is about the same.  Medical community and policy maker should also pay  attention on the health care delivery as important as novel medication, treatment.  The “engineering ” of medicine is as important as “physics ” of medicine.  Dr. Pronovost also has made similar suggestions.  Regarding research funding, reading the report from Federal Funding for health service research. There is the discrepancy between what has been done and what is needed.  Currently, between $.30 and $.40 of every dollar spent on health care is spent on the costs of poor quality (overuse, underuse, misuse, duplication, system failure, unnecessary repetition, poor commutations and inefficiency).  However, less than one cent ($.01) of every healthcare dollar is spent on health services research. Research resources need to be used more effectively to guide the needed improvement in healthcare delivery.

What has the Gates Foundation done for global health? : The Lancet


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