Simulation Education and Assessment

It is important to recognize the difference between formative assessment and summative assessment. Simulation based education activity always involve some forms of assessment. Those assessments are normally not happened at same physical location. During scenario based course, the debriefing session lead by the instructor gives formative assessment to the learner (a in process assessment with PDSA context). The clinical based assessment (eg. checklist ) is a form summative assessment. For learner, it will give their direction what skill they need to improve by more exercise/practice.  For instructor, it will help to guide the improvement of the instruction and course development.  There is need to distinguish the difference between assessment of education activity itself and assessment of individual learner (clinical sill).

2 Responses

  1. I agree, I strongly believe simulation for healthcare education is only effective if used in a realistic environment with state of the art equipment to ensure “buy-in” from all participants. It is also necessary to utilize educated and skilled faculty that know how to operate the highly technical equipment involved.

    I have noticed that it is very difficult for Healthcare providers to utilize simulation due to lack of finances, lack of physical space, and lack of technical expertise. I have come across a very interesting concept- a mobile simulation laboratory that is mobile and can be physically brought to a healthcare provider’s facility. There is one company called SIAMEC which I have noticed has a state of the art mobile simulation laboratory, they appear to be state of the art and extremely knowledgeable. They even work with you to set up an appropriate curriculum.

    I believe using the technology provided by a company like SIAMEC will help improve healthcare for patients nationwide through simulation education.

  2. I know about the formative assessment and summative assessment. Thanks for the information.
    Hi stephen, i am agree with u. mobile simulation is good one.

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